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Each year, church leaders prepare a budget, outlining expected receipts and planned expenses.  These budgeted expenses are paid through the tithes and offerings of church members.  A church administrator maintains financial records on receipts and expenses, and reports those to an elected board of church leaders, and to the church as a whole.  Your tithes and offerings ensure that the church continues to reach out to our community, and around the world, with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Grand Avenue Baptist Church is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).  We are an autonomous church, but we ascribe to the Baptist Faith and Message as adopted by the SBC.  A portion (over 10%) of all budget giving is distributed to various SBC missions enterprises.  The majority of our missions giving goes to the Cooperative Program, which distributes those funds to various international, national, state and local missions groups.  However, we also encourage members to give additional amounts to missions causes.  Seasonal giving efforts help supplement our financial support of International Missions (the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering), North American Missions (the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering) and State Missions (the Dixie Jackson Offering).  However, members may give additional amounts to "Global Missions" throughout the year, and those finances are divided among the various missions enterprises listed above. 

Click here for our online giving portal.