Young Families


Our goal is to link young families with our church and to one another through great events, fellowship, teaching, worship, and service!  We want to be an environment for any family to find comfort and friendship to walk through the challenges of life!  We also strive to be a place that links the whole home to the church through shared experiences for the entire family, so that the entire home has something to talk about when it comes to their faith!


Each Sunday, we have groups of married people, and single mom's and dad's gathering together at 9:15 to study the Bible, share their life experiences, make new friends and deepen relationships. We have multiple young family small group Bible studies for you to try out and to help you find great relationships!  These classes are where our "big church" becomes small!

Currently, here is the lineup:

Young Adult 1 - Newly/Newer married couples in their 20's (mostly without kids)

Young Adult 2 - Married couples (late 20's to mid 30's) with new born children and toddlers

Young Adult 3 - Families (late 20's - early 30's) with younger children (mostly ages 3-7)

Young Adult 4 - Families (mid 30's)  with children (mostly ages 7-11)

Young Adult 5 - Families (40's) with older children (mostly older children - Junior High)

Adult 4 - Families with Junior High and High School Students

Let us work with you to help you find the group that is right for you. Remember, you are free to visit as many groups as you like until you find that perfect fit!


Most months on the last Sunday night of the month, you'll find free childcare provided for those in bible studies so that the adults in each class can go out and spend some time having a little fun as a group!  Grand also provides childcare (for a very minimal cost) on the second Friday of each month for a date night for parents!  Parent's night out gives couples an opportunity for some quality alone time every month!  Find out more about each month's PARENT'S NIGHT OUT and/or BIBLE STUDY FELLOWSHIP by coming to a class or by emailing Will Guyton at


Everyone needs to grow - especially Christians! We have assembled a tremendous group of gifted teachers who make themselves available to help you grow in your walk with the Lord. Practical, applicable, challenging - these are just some of the words our participants use to describe our course offerings. Email   for more information.


Emotional Needs Inventory

Click the link below for the 10 needs inventory talked about in the Married Couples Coffee Shop.

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Date Night Material

Enjoy a fun date night on us!  Click a link below for some help to get you and your "significant other" out of the house and into some fun!

"With" Date #1 - (click here)