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Welcome to MultiplyME - our section dedicated to your personal growth as a believer.  Below you will find tools that will encourage, challenge, and inspire you to grow in your faith and live more obediently to what we have been called to do.  As always, if we can encourage you never hesitate to contact us.

action steps:

spiritual health assessment


Take this simple 18 question online assessment and receive a general spiritual health assessment with possible areas of weakness. 



Spiritual Gifts Assessment


Every follower of Jesus has been blessed with gifts to serve the local church and further the kingdom of God.  Click the link below to take a brief online quiz to find your spiritual gifts.  


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Sign up for Vomo 


Grand Avenue stays extremely active in our community, our state, our nation, and our world in serving in a manner of ways.  With our ultimate goal of making disciples in front of us, we use Vomo to catalog many of the opportunities that are available to you and/or your family to take part in. 


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sign up for ministry grid


Every follower of Jesus has a calling to serve and minister to those around them.  The term disciple and leader are synonymous.  Ministry Grid makes it simple to train every leader in our church. 

Click the link below to find out more! 


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