new in the network...

 Dear Church –

At our special called church conference in January, you overwhelmingly voted in favor of partnering with Trinity Baptist Church, located at 6th and Spradling on the north side of Fort Smith.

That church has struggled in recent years to reach its neighbors with the Gospel, and were in danger of closing their doors. Over a period of months, we discussed the possibility of a strategic partnership with Grand Avenue Baptist, seeking to stabilize that church AND start a new work to reach the predominantly Hispanic neighborhood around the church building. 

We will be going through a process of transferring legal ownership of that church and its facilities, and then enter a time of transition and strategic planning. One of our Hispanic community members has already approached Grand about beginning a Hispanic church meeting at the Trinity Baptist location. 

We also are working with a Laotian congregation nearby. So we hope to have "three churches in one location": Anglo, Hispanic, and Laotian. It will be challenging, but we are confident God is in it and will help us navigate the complexities of three congregations using one campus to spread the gospel.

Once complete, this will bring our network to six churches:
1. Grand Avenue Baptist (3900 Grand Avenue)
2. Helping Hand Church (3901 Grand Avenue)
3. Cornerstone Church (2201 Dallas St.)
4. Trinity Baptist (6th & Spradling)
5. New Beginning/Laotian (6th & Spradling)
6. Hispanic church (future, at 6th & Spradling)

Thank you, church, for helping us take major steps toward creating a network of healthy, multiplying churches in the River Valley. 

In the days ahead, we will continue to update you on the work of each network church and make you aware of opportunities for you to get involved. For example, we hope to have a large Easter egg hunt at Ramsey Junior High on April 20, to help get the word out about Cornerstone Church in this strategic location. Be ready to say "yes" to ways you can make a difference in the network and in the Kingdom here in the River Valley.

We pray that our efforts will lead to a significant spiritual harvest in the River Valley.  God is calling us to the fields, and that work will not be easy, nor will it be a short-term effort. It will require patience, persistence and prayer from ALL of us. It will also require sacrifices of our time, our talent and our treasure.  But I firmly believe that doing things of eternal significance should require nothing less than our best.  Thank you for joining me in this journey of faith.

Multiplying the Gospel,

 Brad Lewter