School Supplies


School supplies needed!

In August, we will be blessing the children of our city’s sanitation workers with school supplies. Children will receive a new backpack, along with school supplies appropriate for their grade.  Your help in donating these items in any quantity (or contributing financially) will go a long way toward helping them know we are For the City! Items may be dropped off at the church office during the week. Financial gifts can be marked “For the City.” Deadline for donating purchased materials is August 5. Thank you!




Qty Needed

No.2 Pencils

(approx.) 12-count standard pencil

55 pkgs


16-24 count package of crayons

30 pkgs

Washable Markers

Washable markers, approx. 8-count package

30 pkgs

Kid Scissors

Sharp or rounded point, kid-sized scissors

30 pairs

Glue sticks

Glue sticks (approx) 6-count package

30 pkgs

Dry-erase markers

Multi-color (approx. 12-count)

55 pkgs


Set of inexpensive earbuds

55 pkgs

Ziploc bags

Quart-size storage bags (approx 30-count)

45 pkgs


Box of Kleenex or other facial tissue

55 pkgs

Comp. notebook

Composition notebook (Mead or other brand)

110 notebooks

Notebook paper

Wide-ruled loose leaf paper (approx) 150 sheet package

45 pkgs

Notebook paper

College-ruled loose leaf paper (approx) 150 sheet package

20 pkgs

Spiral notebook

Wide-ruled spiral bound notebook (approx) 6-pack

10 pkgs

Spiral notebook

College-ruled spiral bound notebook (approx.) 6-pack

10 pkgs

Pocket folder

Plastic or paper folder with prongs and two pockets

110 folders

Colored pencils

Colored pencils (approx) 12-count

25 pkgs

Ink pens

Blue or black ink pens (approx) 10-count

25 pkgs


Yellow, blue, pink highlighters packages

25 pkgs

Hand sanitizer

Personal size, pump or plastic bottle

110 containers

Scotch tape

Approx 3-count package

15 pkgs


12-inch ruler, wood or plastic

15 rulers


Pink pearl erasers (approx) 3-count pkg

10 pkgs