Training a Generation to make Disciples who Worship, Grow and Go

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Training a Generation to make Disciples who Worship, Grow and Go

The world is full of things that steal your attention and for the majority, these things don't matter. Here at GSM we care about what really matters.  Beginning with the truth that is Jesus Christ and God's Word, we are deeply concerned about authentic relationships, fellowship, worship, theology, stewardship, social justice, prayer, and those who have not yet heard about the Gospel. We also desire students to wrestle with these things, not just blindly take them, but to truly work out their salvation.

However, being concerned about these things is only the beginning, how we live life and interact with each other and the Gospel is central to our lifestyle. Jesus told us to share the good news, baptize, disciple, and teach what He commanded. For us, we have created an environment as such.

We want students to love God, love the Church, and love others. Simply, Jesus lived life with his students, we also want to live life with ours.

Grab a friend and come see us!

Each week we gather on Wednesday Night for Worship led by the best Student Ministry band in the River Valley, Prayer and Bible Teaching.  Doors open at 6 and gives students the opportunity to hang out, play some games and grab a bite to eat.  Our service starts at 7 and we focus every week on leading students to be disciples who Worship, Grow and Go.  Our secret sauce is the Adult Volunteers who arrive every week striving to make Students feel welcomed, wanted and loved.  Your student does not need to miss this weekly gathering!


Sunday Mornings at 9:15am our students spend time with their peers and a team of adult leaders learning to live in community, study the Bible, Pray and make God's name known here in the Fort and to the Nations. The following is a brief look at our small-groups.

Our goal at GSM is to maximize our small-group time in the equipping of our students to know what they believe about God, why they believe it and how to apply it. All while learning to live in community with believers who are striving to help each other become more like Christ, share each others needs and make God’s glory known in Fort Smith and the Nations. We believe this process is best accomplished through very intentional Gospel-Community groups that will focus on six target areas of study. Each study is intentionally chosen for a specific grade. As these studies build upon each other, our goal is that we will graduate students who are well equipped to continue to grow and thrive as believers post high school.  Check out the link below for our full teaching plan.

GSM Sunday School 6 Year Plan


Several times a Semester our Student Ministry meets in homes for two hours to eat, fellowship, discuss, and pray together. Jr. High and Senior High each have their own home to meet in. Home-Groups provide an awesome time to get away, relax, and spend time with friends.


2018 Fall CALENDAR! 


2019 SUMMER CAMP DATES Coming Soon!