Financial Peace University

Take part in Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace (led by our own Frank Ward).  This amazing financial course has helped thousands reduce debt and become financially sound!  Room 200

Jesus and Women

Led by Danielle Wheeler, join us as we look at the historical and cultural climate of first-century Middle Eastern society to not only understand Jesus more deeply but to fuel your worship of Him today. (Ladies Only)   Room 210

Run For God

Join our running group led by Ashley Bolin as we train both body and soul in this unique couch to 5k (plus other more advanced running options.)  Room 110

The Minor Prophets with David Craig

Join this Bible study as we walk through books of the Bible verse by verse studying the life of the minor prophets!  Room 214

Reading Your Bible with Confidence 

How do you read your Bible? Have you ever given it any thought? Are you confident you can read your Bible for yourself and know what it means? Join this class,  led by Terry Barclay, to grow in your knowledge and understanding not only of the Bible but also how to read it!  Room 201

The Unseen Realm: Your Bible Is Stranger Than You Think It Is

Ever wonder what to do with all the "strange" passages in your Bible? Who are those in the divine assembly in Psalm 82? Who are the beings that participate in decision-making in 1 Kings 22? Why wasn't Eve surprised when a snake spoke to her? Who or what are the Nephilim? Join us in this class, led by Hunter Thompson, as we seek to answer those questions and recapture the supernatural worldview of Scripture. You may never read your Bible the same way again.  Room 203