Marriage: Tools & Tips to Strengthen the Nearly, Newly, Nesting, and Beyondf Couple

Led by Dr. Jeff & Susie Thompson. This group will help all couples see a snapshot of their relationship's strengths and areas for growth. Couples will explore the biblical view of marriage and develop tools and tips to strengthen their marriage. Room 200

God of Creation

Led by Danielle Wheeler. The opening lines and chapters of Genesis teach us funamental truths about God. We watch Him bring light after darkness, order after chaos, and rest after toil - all through the power of His Word. (Ladies Only) Room 210

The Celtic Way

Led by Scott Ward. Come and take part in this fascinating and compelling look into the celtic way of discipleship, evangelism, and mission. Room 225

The Minor Prophets with David Craig

Join this Bible study as we walk through books of the Bible verse by verse studying the life of the minor prophets!  Room 214

Reading Your Bible with Confidence II

Led by Terry Barclay. Take the interpretive journey through the Bible as we put several fundamentals to work! We will practically apply tools gained to properly understand the various genres of scripture, as well as look at the inspiration of scripture, the canon of scripture, and how to use non-biblical resources. Join us!  Room 201

The New Testament In Its World

Led by Hunter Thompson. Journey into the world of the first Chrsitains; their culture, their context, their worldview, and most importantly their Savior. In this class you will grasp the New Testament as never before as you learn to think like a 1st century Christian. If you love the Bible and want it to leap off the page, this is the class for you! Room 203