Italy & Portugal

It was exciting when I received the news that two of our International Mission Board families were finally heading to the field after being stateside for more than a year. Both of these families were forced to leave the country where they had originally intended to go when the COVID pandemic hit. They quickly found out that they would not ever be able to return because of government restrictions and would new to find a new field of service. After much heartache and prayer, both families landed on Europe.

You might have done a double take when you saw the word Europe! Most people equate Europe with tourist destinations, not missionary service. However, many of the countries there have declined dramatically in their number of Evangelical Christians, even to the point of hitting "unreached people group" percentages. The physical needs there may not be as great as African or Asian countries, but the spiritual need is vast. Both of these families are moving to areas that are considered less than 2% Evangelical Christian.

Eric & Janette Gunselman with their kids have just arrived in Italy where they will be working with university students in the city of Milan.

Tyler & Jenna Morehart along with their kids will be leaving this Saturday to set up a home in Lisbon, Portugal where they will begin the work of planting new churches and supporting the few existing churches.

Please be praying for both of these wonderful families as they settle in, find homes, get their kids in school, and learn a new language and culture.

If you are interested in being on their newsletter list or getting one of their prayer cards, come by and see me some Sunday morning in Guest Services or email me -

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