Helping Hand

About Helping Hand

We are a Christian, non-profit organization bound to the service of helping our fellow persons with their needs.  We provide help in several areas, but mainly with:
  • Food
  • Clothing
  • Counseling

As a non-profit group we survive by contributions, donations and special pricing of needed items that are used to provide the basic help to those in need.

Our workers volunteer their time and labor so that we can provide these much needed items to the needy free of charge.

This group was formed in June '77 by one man and his wife, Bill and Wilma Yocum, who had a vision to help those needing a helping hand.  They were supported by Grand Avenue Baptist Church.

It has since grown from helping just a few people each month to helping over 100 plus families each month, and the workers from just 2 people to over 70 people who are involved in some way.

As this mission grows so does its needs, and this is where you can help.  If you feel you can help with donations of items such as food or clothing or even financial help, either with special pricing or funds to help make these items available for the needy you can reach us at:

Helping Hand: 479-709-9035
Grand Avenue Baptist Church: 479-783-5161