ĭ-văn′jə-lĭz″əm: bold and strategic dissemination of the Gospel

We believe that the only reason that God left us on Earth after coming to a saving faith in Him is to get the Gospel to those who have not heard. God has not revealed any other plan besides using us as His ambassadors. We also realize that evangelism is only one of the first steps in the process of discipleship where Jesus called us to make disciples, not converts.
In order to facilitate personal evangelism, we have joined in with other Great Commission Baptist churches in the Who's Your One? campaign. We also provide ongoing training through our Say Something class and our weekly prayer meeting. We encourage everyone to be a part of getting the Gospel to those near to you but far from God where you live, work, and play.
Evangelism Checklist...
  • Commit to at least ONE person to engage with the Gospel.
  • Commit to pray regularly for your ONE and others who need the Gospel.
  • Intentionally build bridges to those people near to you but far from God.
  • Have a spiritual conversation or share the gospel with at least one person every three months.