What Is Multiply?

Multiply is a network. Multiply is a movement. Multiply is a people, working to spread the impact of the Gospel throughout the River Valley.

Several years ago, leaders at Grand Avenue Baptist Church began sensing God’s leadership in the area of church planting. Although this church has been blessed with steady numerical growth over the last decade, the same can’t be said of most evangelical churches in the River Valley. In fact, the total number of baptisms and church attendance in the area is in decline, in spite of exceptions like GABC.

Rather than a few large churches getting larger while smaller churches close, we believe that we need more healthy, growing, evangelical churches. To that end, we have committed our energy and resources to raising up disciples who will go and work with area churches that choose to partner with GABC.

Our focus is on planting new churches, and assisting struggling churches with a “restart.” A church that desires to restart becomes a Partnering Church with GABC and is under its protection, governance and authority until it is ready to become an autonomous church. Imagine how effective a smaller church can be in spreading the Gospel when they have the support of our committed members, church staff and other resources!

The Multiply Network also includes cross-cultural church planting and partnering, such as outreach to Hispanics, Laotians and other people groups.

Ultimately, Grand wants to Multiply the impact of the Gospel throughout the River Valley. To do this, we are committed to raising up disciples who worship, grow and go. “Going” is normally associated with missionaries in foreign countries, but the Multiply Network allows many of us to “go” without leaving the region we call home. To that end we call on every member of our church to do four things: pray, give, grow, and go.
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How can I be involved in the Multiply Network?

Let’s Multiply our prayers. Jesus pointed out that the fields were ready for harvest and instructed His disciples: “Pray to the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest” (Matthew 9:38). We need prayer warriors to petition the Lord for His grace, His blessing and His calling to succeed in becoming a “sending” church. 
Let’s Multiply our giving. We estimate that an additional $250,000 per year is needed to make this significant investment in church planting and partnering in the River Valley. Each year, we receive about $2,500,000 in budget giving. If every giver increases their giving by 10%, we will have what we need. For example, if your monthly giving is $500, add 10% and make it $550. That extra $50 will make a difference in the lives of people who need to hear the gospel. 

Let’s Multiply growing in our church. By “growing,” we mean Biblical, spiritual maturity in leadership and service. God has gifted every believer in unique ways to serve the local church. To make progress toward this vision, every member must commit to serving and leading in the church – whether at Grand Avenue Baptist Church or at a Network Partner church. 

Let’s Multiply our going. We are all commanded to “go” in one way or another. That may mean going next door to win friends and neighbors to Christ, going across town to serve with a partner church, or leaving the nation to serve cross-culturally. 
As Grand Avenue Baptist strives to be a “sending” church, we will not be shy about asking members to consider leaving the comfort of this church to strike out on a bold new mission to grow a new church in another location. 
How will you be involved in the Multiply Network? We must all pray. We must all give. And we must all grow so that many can go.