ăd′və-kə-sē: the act of supporting our mission partners

As one local church, we cannot do all of the work of national and international church planting without the leadership of on-the-ground church planters and missionaries. Because of this, we believe that a large part of our ministry is to support these long-term partners in order to help them stay on the field as long as possible.
We advocate for our partners in many different ways, including taking short-term trips to encourage them, facilitating online calls (Go Clips), sending gift cards, etc. We have also formed Go Groups around each partnership to better facilitate communication, prayer, and support.
Advocacy Checklist...
  • Join and be involved in at least one Go Group.
  • Commit to pray regularly for at least one of our partnerships.
  • Leverage your online and social media activity to advocate for missions.
  • Invite at least one person to church every six months.

Go Group Signup

Sign up to be a part of one of our Go Groups. As a member of a Go Group, you are committing to pray for that mission partnership and advocate for them when the opportunity arises in conversation, Bible study groups, and social media.