Tokyo | JAPAN

Tokyo, Japan, is one of the least-reached places on earth. The Japanese are incredibly difficult to reach for the gospel. The culture there makes it very difficult for outsiders to build relationships, not to mention the difficulties of the Japanese language. Also, there are still cities in Japan that have zero churches. Many people in these places would say they have never heard of Jesus.


The reason that our church is in Japan is because of our relationship with Butch & Ellen Booth. Butch was a student pastor at GABC back in the early and mid 90's and continues to have many friends here. He and his wife, Ellen, are now independent missionaries serving in Japan. They live in Tokyo where they have a church started, and they also have a heart to reach out with the gospel to the cities in Japan that have no gospel presence at all. For more information about the Booth's and their work you can find them at Nevertheless Missions.
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