Mission Moment

May 19, 2024    Scott Ward

CarePortal is a new ministry partnership that we are entering into with Arkansas Family Alliance. It will allow you to see and meet real needs of children as they are vetted and made available by social workers and school counselors. There is no obligation, but if you have the opportunity to meet a need - you are able to do so. Get signed up for CarePortal now. We will be launching this the first of June.

On June 2nd, we will be hosting a free lunch to train everyone in how to use CarePortal. Matt Whitson with the Arkansas Family Alliance will be with us to do the training. He said it would only take about an hour as we eat. You are welcome to bring your children along for the meal.

You do not have to be at the lunch to sign up for CarePortal. We will provide some online training at a later date.