Book Resources for Talking To Your Kids About Sex

God's Design For Sex: The Story of Me - For ages of 3-5
Start the conversation early with Stan and Brenna Jones' The Story of Me for children aged 3-5.  Using age-appropriate language, this book explains the marvelous body God gave your child. This is just the first in an entire series Stan and Brenna have written for each stage of your child's development, but it's my favorite in the series.

Good Pictures/Bad Pictures: Porn-proofing Your Kids - For ages 6 and up
"Stranger danger" became an easy way to talk to your child about dark and tragic things in an innocent way. This book is the answer to talking to your kids about porn without robbing them of their innocence, and it's a book every parent should have in their library. It's a comfortable read-aloud story about a mom and dad that teach their child what pornography is, how to identify it, and how to reject it. This book is recommended for ages 8 and up, but with the average age of the first inception of porn being as low as nine...I recommend the age of six.

It's Great To Be A Girl & It's Great To Be A Guy - For ages 8-12
Here are two critical books that are foundational to the conversation about sex. Christ-centered books about the body changes tweens and early teens face that also include a solid theology of gender. Gender is not fluid, but God created and chose it with precision and purpose. Fun quizzes, charts, graphs and graphics guide your son or daughter through important conversations about their changing body and God's theology of it, without any mention of the controversy and counterfeits the gender revolution is presenting for our children to navigate.

Passport to Purity - For ages 10-14
This fantastic boxed kit is all you need to take your tween or early teen on a weekend adventure that's fueled with meaningful conversation about their bodies and sexuality. Created by Dennis and Barbara Rainey's FamilyLife, it's recommended for ages 13-14 but I have found that many parents like using it earlier. Workbooks, audio tracks, and lesson plans create a memorable and positive experience as you launch the critical conversations you need to have for your child to live a life of purity.

And the Bride Wore White & Who Moved the Goalpost - For ages 12-19
Dana & Bob Gresh. Each book takes the appropriate gender through seven secrets or winning strategies that help teens live lives of purity. It's not just about teaching your daughter to say no to sex. The secrets and strategies are researched using social science to provide a footprint of what reduces the risk of an early sexual debut, and then God's word as the backbone for how it's presented. Both are written in a conversational and transparent style that enables the reader to follow along and identify with struggles and temptations we all face.

What Are You Waiting For: The One Thing No One Ever Tells You About Sex - College-aged students

Hooked: New Science on How Casual Sex is Affecting Our Children - For parents of children of all ages
Written by Dr. Joe McIlhanney of The Medical Institute for Sexual Health, this is a must-read for every parent. In the past ten years, new neuroscience has given us solid evidence that our children aren't ready for sex until they are adults. While McIlhanney is a Christian, he writes from a purely medical point of view and offers compelling and critical information for parents to have an intelligent approach as they help their children understand why God created us for monogamy. While this book is a few years older, the research is relevant and current.

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