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February 2021

"Defeating Loneliness as a Parent"

December 2020

Undeck The Halls

November 2020

"Thanksgiving:  1 Way To Teach Your Child Gratitude"

October 2020

"Raising Spiritually Aware Kids."

June 2020

"Gaming Boundaries."

If you have any contact with a kid over age 8, I’m sure you have heard of Fortnite. If not, simply say that word around a kid and you will get a reaction. Especially boys. It is the latest and greatest in the App Store, Xbox, Switch, gaming craze. How do I know this?  Read More...
Many parents have a love-hate relationships with technology when it comes to family time and kids.  Family time can often be interrupted with a game notification or text.  But for one night, why not share time with our cell phone or iPad?  Create some family fun and laugh with the game“Family of Fones!”  Download

May 2020

"I want to use scripture to pray for my child."

April 2020

"How To Help Your Kids And Teens Deal With Anxiety."

March 2020

"Helping Your Child Navigate Social Media"

*Graphic courtesy of the Shorewood Police Dept.

February 2020

"No Perfect Parents"

January 2020

"Planning Intentional Spiritual Moments"